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Thinking of getting fruity

It's hard to believe, what with all the snow last week, but spring really is on its way.

And that means it is time to think about getting fruity.

No, madam, not in that way!

What I meant is preparing your fruit trees so they produce as big a harvest as possible.

Most think it is just a question of giving it a good prune and, because the results are then often disappointing, blame the tree.

However, instead of being a happy hacker when tackling a tree, try to be a perfect pruner. In this instance you need to spur prune.

Get it right and the tree will put its energy into fruit production rather the growing more wood. Get it really right and the fruit will be at a height which is easy to pick.

Spur pruning needs to be done before the tree begins to bud so about now. It is not a difficult job, but certainly one where practice makes perfect.

Here are some before and after pixs of a plum tree I have just done - before above and after below. Not only does it look better, it is more manageable and its owner will have plenty of fruit later in the year.

If you need any help or advice call - : 0756 4760553 - or email - - and I will pop around to take a look.



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